Music Theory Part 7 – Summary/Recap of Parts 1-6

Welcome to Part 7 in Bruce Music‘s Blog Series On Music Theory.  This part is a brief recap of the main points covered in the first 6 parts.  Be sure to check out those previous instalments if there’s anything here you’re unsure of.

  • The 12 notes in music –   C    C#/Db    D    D#/Eb    E    F    F#/Gb    G    G#/Ab    A    A#/Bb    B
  • Distance between each note = semitone (one fret)
  • Two semitones = A Tone.
  • Major scale formula = T  T  S  T  T  T  S
  • Minor scale formula = T  S  T  T  S  T  T
  • Pairs of relative Majors/Minors = A Major scale and the minor scale starting from the Major Scale’s 6th note = relative major/minor pairing
  • Chords are formed of a Root, 3rd and 5th.  Root gives the chord its name, 3rd determines if it’s Major or Minor, and 5th solidifies the chord
  • Formula for chords in a major key (One chord starting from each step of the major scale) = IMaj  IImin   IIImin   IVmaj   Vmaj   VImin  VIIdim
  • Formula for chords in a minor key = Imin  IIdim   IIImaj   IVmin   Vmin  VImaj   VIImaj

Hopefully these bullet points have triggered your memory.  But this is merely a brief revision.  Don’t forget to look at the full series if you haven’t already, or if you need a more detailed reminder.


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