Frequently Asked Questions

What Instruments Do You Teach?

We provide guitar lessons encompassing acoustic, electric and classical guitar. We also offer bass guitar lessons, as well as lessons in a range of other related instruments, from Ukulele to mandolin/banjo

What Styles Do You Teach?

Our Guitar teachers are well-versed in all styles of music.
Primarily: Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Folk, Classical, Metal, Flamenco, Soul and R’n’B.
We will also cover some Music Theory, Songwriting and Improvisation.  If you want to go down the classical/reading music routes, we can teach you sight reading too.

Tell Me About Your Guitar Teachers

Have a look at our Guitar teacher profiles/videos. They are friendly, expert professional musicians who have studied at the country’s top institutions and have a wealth of experience in the music industry.
We only hire the best and most personable guitar teachers in London.

Can I Study Grades?

It’s up to you. People begin guitar lessons with a variety of goals in mind. If taking grades is one of yours, then yes we can help you achieve that.  We have a 100% pass rate, with distinction or merit, and have experience of all the common exam boards’ syllabuses.

What Is Your Lesson Cancellation Policy?

We ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a guitar lesson with us. If you give less than 48 hours notice, the lesson is charged at the full amount.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Just a guitar, plectrum and tuner. Ideally, for electric instruments, an amplifier and lead too, although these are not vital at the very beginning.

I’m An Absolute Beginner. What Guitar Should I Buy?

See our What Guitar To Buy page for our recommendations

How Do I Pay For Lessons?

Either directly to Bruce Music in advance, via online/phone/in-branch bank transfer or cheque, or in cash to your teacher at the end of the lesson.