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We offer ukulele lessons to students anywhere in London and the surrounding areas.

Our expert, friendly ukulele teachers travel to you to provide fun, progressive, tailored ukulele lessons.

Absolute beginners don’t be shy!

Our Ukulele Lessons in London

Ukulele lessons London - Bruce Music

At Bruce Music we offer ukulele lessons in London. Our ukulele teachers conveniently travel to you for your ukulele lessons, anywhere in London and the surrounding Greater London area. If preferred, you can also visit your nearest Bruce Music ukulele teacher for your lessons.

The ukulele is an accessible, mellow instrument, fantastic as a first instrument to learn, or a stepping stone to guitar, but equally valuable in its own right too. It’s a sweet-sounding, portable and fun instrument that’s always really enjoyable to play.

There’s a traditional side to the ukulele epitomised by the legendary George Formby, but there’s also been a huge modern ukulele revival thanks to israel kamakawiwo’ole’s famous version of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, YouTube ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro and alternative bands featuring ukuleles, such as Beirut.

Ukulele Lesson Content

Ukulele lessons - Bruce Music

Your London ukulele lessons will cover everything you need to know and everything you want to learn. This includes ukulele technique, practice, performance, rhythm and more, all based around learning to play all of your favourite songs on the ukulele.

Our fantastic ukulele teachers know exactly how to tailor lesson content and approach in order to get you making quick progress in your ukulele lessons, all the while having great fun and enjoyment along the way.

At Bruce Music we offer home visits as standard, or alternatively you can visit one of our ukulele teachers if you prefer. Each of our teachers operates in a different part of the city, meaning that wherever in London you are, we can reach you.

Beginners Ukulele Lessons London

  • Cover all the basics – How to hold the ukulele and what each hand should do
  • Learn your first ukulele chords
  • Play some of your favourite songs, applying these new chords immediately
  • Discover rhythm, strumming, playing melodies, fingerpicking and more
  • If you want – We’ll show you how to adapt what you’ve learned to the guitar

Intermediate Ukulele Lessons London

  • Develop your ukulele song repertoire – play all your favourite songs
  • Learn to adapt songs from a range of styles to a ukulele arrangement
  • Confidently build your ukulele technique and music theory knowledge
  • Ukulele performance, recording and songwriting opportunities if desired
  • Again – Our teachers can also help you adapt your knowledge to guitar

Advanced Ukulele Lessons London

  • Study advanced and virtuoso ukulele repertoire targeted to your high level
  • Learn to arrange complex pieces and styles for the ukulele
  • Join or form bands or ukulele groups, or write/record songs
  • Adapt what you’ve learned on the ukulele to guitar, banjo and mandolin!
Ukulele lessons - Bruce Music

Studying Ukulele Grade Exams

studying ukulele London - Bruce Music

In our ukulele lessons, we regularly prepare students of all ages for their grade exam qualifications. Our London ukulele teachers are experts in this area and have experience preparing students for ukulele grade exams with all of the main exam boards that provide ukulele qualifications.

At Bruce Music, we are extremely proud that our students have achieved a 100% pass rate in all grade exams taken to date, in all instruments, including a high proportion of merits and distinctions.

Our London ukulele lessons also cater for students who don’t wish to take this formal, grade-studying route. Our teachers can guide you along many other, more informal progression paths too, ranging from playing the ukulele with other people, joining a club or a band, writing your own material, or even starting a ukulele orchestra! (Yes they do exist, and they’re becoming increasingly popular!) – Your Bruce Music ukulele teacher is always there to help you make the most of your new found talents, so you can maximise what you get out of your lessons and learn to be musical and above all else, enjoy playing music.

Our Ukulele Teachers in London

ukulele lessons London teachers - Bruce Music

At Bruce Music, we hire only the best, most personable ukulele teachers in London. Our ukulele teachers are all expert, experienced and friendly musicians, dedicated to helping you make progress and enjoy your ukulele lessons. It is our assurance to our students that all of the teachers who provide ukulele lessons with us at Bruce Music are:

  • Music graduates
  • Experienced, friendly and very reliable
  • DBS checked
  • In-demand multi-instrumentalist musicians on the London scene
  • Personable, encouraging and easy to get on with

If you want to read more on our ukulele teachers, their profiles can be seen on our teacher profiles page

ukulele lessons London teachers - Bruce Music

Ukulele Lessons London – For All Ages

ukulele lessons all ages - Bruce Music

Our ukulele lessons London service is available to all students, of any age and any level of existing ability. So absolute beginners don’t be shy! It’s a vital part of our Bruce Music ethos that our ukulele lessons are for anyone and everyone – something we demonstrate in the wide range of lesson lengths, styles and ukulele teaching approaches on offer. If you want to play the ukulele, we want to teach you!

We have taught ukulele lessons in both one-to-one and group settings to students ranging in age between 3 and 80 years old! Our wonderful ukulele teachers know exactly how they should tailor their lesson approach and content to suit the student’s ambitions, tastes and passions. Their extensive experience and training means we can proudly offer our London ukulele lessons to students of all ages and abilities, anywhere across the city and surrounding areas.

We offer home visits as standard, or if preferred, you can also visit your nearest ukulele teacher from our team.

Online Ukulele Lessons

We also provide a ukulele lessons service via Zoom, Skype, Facetime and all other video call functions. Our online ukulele lessons are popular as they serve a range of very useful purposes:

  • Replacement of in-person ukulele lessons you’re unable to make, if desired
  • If you leave London but want to keep your fantastic London ukulele teacher
  • Pre-exam or performance help, revision, testing or motivation
  • If you live elsewhere but want to take ukulele lessons with one of our London teachers due to their vast array of industry experience

Why Choose Bruce Music?

  • The best ukulele lessons in London – Expert, DBS checked, fun, friendly teachers
  • Our London ukulele teachers travel to you – Or travel to them if preferred
  • 100% student pass rate in ukulele grade exams – With many merits and distinctions
  • Specialist ukulele service – Not just guitarists playing ‘a bit of ukulele’
  • Hundreds of satisfied ukulele students – Check out our google reviews
ukulele lessons in london

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