London Guitar Lessons

London Guitar lessons, Bass Guitar lessons and Ukulele lessons with our teachers are £45 per hour visit.

For young children we offer guitar lessons of 45 minutes, for £40

You have the choice of lessons at your home or chosen location, or your teacher’s home.

We cover all of Greater London and the surrounding areas and worldwide via Skype or Facetime.

Guitar Lessons

Our Guitar teachers are experienced with students of all ability levels, from absolute beginners who have never held a Guitar before, to intermediate and advanced guitarists looking to develop their existing skills.

Our unique approach is in providing the best balance between what you need to know and what you want to learn.

In your London Guitar Lessons you will learn the absolute basics of holding the Guitar, holding a plectrum, through the basic chords and scales.  All geared towards learning your first songs and strumming along with them.

What happens next is tailored to you, depending on your favourite music, favourite musical styles and playing ambitions. Whether it’s just as a hobby, forming a band, songwriting, jam nights, playing with a singer or a friend, or studying grades, our Guitar teachers are experts in developing the perfect program of LondonGuitar Lessons for you. We can also help you with all things technological – Making recordings, using effects pedals and more.

Along the way we’ll introduce you to new music, help you with songs you’re writing, inform you of London Guitar events, and email you links to additional resources and material.

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Special Offers:

  • Buy a block of 10 lessons and receive the 11th lesson free.

Skype/Facetime Guitar Lessons

Not in London?  Or you’re moving away?  You can benefit from the standards of London Guitar Lessons.  We also provide GuitarBass Guitar and Ukulele lessons via Skype or Facetime video calling.  Skype can be downloaded for free here and is also free to use.  Facetime is an included function on iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and similar Apple products.

The Benefits:

  • Record the lessons as they happen for later reference when practising
  • Lessons are lower in price due to your teacher not needing to travel to you.
  • Students who move away from London can keep their London Guitar teacher with whom they’ve built understanding and rapport
  • Students in other cities can benefit from the teaching of London musicians at the heart of the professional industry.

Guitar Lessons via Skype are £40 per hour.  The content of our Skype Guitar lessons is exactly the same as our London Guitar Lessons.  The only difference is that any sheets or resources will be emailed to you rather than handed to you in person.

Special Offers:

  • Buy a block of 10 lessons and receive the 11th lesson free.

Bass Guitar Lessons

Similarly, our Bass Guitar teachers have vast experience with students of all ages and all levels, and can cover all playing styles.

Your Bass Guitar lessons will cover the basics of holding the instrument and how to play with your fingers or a plectrum, onto learning to play famous basslines and riffs, how to play chords on a Bass Guitar, and maximising the role of the Bass in a band of any style.

Again, you may advance to funky slap bass playing, forming a rock band, or composing Jazzy Bass solo pieces.  Wherever your skills and ambitions take you, we’ll help you become the best Bassist you can be!

Our Bass Guitar teachers will also open you up to incredible Bass players you’ve not heard of and show you a huge range of material and resources that helps you get the most out of playing the Bass Guitar.

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Special Offers:

  • Buy a block of 10 lessons and receive the 11th lesson free.

Ukulele Lessons

In your Ukulele lessons, our teachers will show you the basics of Ukulele chord shapes and strumming techniques and you will be introduced to both the traditional Hawaiian style, and the modern song usage of this hugely underestimated instrument, which has seen a recent surge in popularity in the U.K.

We’ll introduce you to the work of virtuoso revolutionary Ukuele players such as Jake Shimabukuro, and help you develop in playing and writing songs on your Ukulele. Should you want to play and sing at the same time, that’s no problem we’ve got it covered! Wherever you want to take your Ukulele playing, we can help you make it happen.

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Special Offers:

  • Buy a block of 10 lessons and receive the 11th lesson free.