Mandolin or Banjo Lessons London

We provide mandolin lessons and banjo lessons to students across London and the surrounding area.

Our fantastic teachers offer home visits as standard – visiting you to offer the best mandolin or banjo lessons in London.

We know exactly how to ensure quick progress and great fun in your lessons.

Absolute beginners don’t be shy!

Mandolin Lessons London

Mandolin Lessons London - Bruce Music

The mandolin is a beautiful instrument, very common in folk and country music. Its distinctive sound and small size make it a very rewarding and accessible instrument to learn.

Your mandolin lessons will be designed around covering all of the basics and progressing through increasingly complex repertoire in a range of musical styles.

Your expert, friendly mandolin teacher will ensure you have great fun in your mandolin lessons alongside making good progress.

We offer home visits as standard, or you can visit one of our mandolin or banjo teachers if you prefer.

Beginners Mandolin Lessons London

  • The essentials of the mandolin – Holding, tuning and strumming the mandolin
  • Play your first mandolin melodies and chords
  • Learn the mandolin parts on some famous folk, country, pop and rock songs
  • Discover some great new music – Alt-folk, Irish music and modern country
  • How to play basic mandolin solos

Intermediate Mandolin Lessons London

  • Improve your existing mandolin skills – Building speed, dexterity and knowledge
  • Play some more complex mandolin songs and solos
  • Learn how to arrange non-mandolin songs for mandolin
  • Find your mandolin specialism – Discover your stylistic preferences
  • Chances to perform, record or compose if you like

Advanced Mandolin Lessons London

  • Develop virtuoso mandolin skills with tailored high level mandolin lessons
  • Learn some advanced mandolin solos
  • Ongoing musicianship training – music theory, improvisation, aural, rhythm
  • Exposure to a vast array of music styles that feature the mandolin
  • Apply your mandolin abilities to the guitar, banjo or ukulele

Banjo Lessons London

Banjo Lessons London - Bruce Music

The banjo is a fantastic traditional instrument undergoing a recent revival along with the ukulele. The banjo is a very engaging and satisfying instrument to learn, largely due to its instantly recognisable famous soundOur London banjo lessons ensure you know everything you need to know to make good fast progress.

Our expert banjo teachers cover everything from the very beginning, or from your current level, ensuring you fully understand every element of great banjo playing – from posture and position to tuning, to chords and melodies, to picking techniques, strumming and solos.

As with all our instrumental lessons at Bruce Music, it’s key to our banjo lessons that they’re also enjoyable, fun and rewarding. Your expert banjo teacher will make sure of this for you.

Beginners Banjo Lessons London

  • From the very beginning – Holding and tuning your banjo
  • Learn your first banjo chords and enjoy their clear distinctive sound
  • Your first fingerpicking patterns – A huge, fun step in your banjo development
  • Play your first banjo songs – A very satisfying experience
  • Develop expressive intricate banjo techniques – slides, hammer ons and pull offs

Intermediate Banjo Lessons London

  • Take your banjo knowledge and skill to the next level
  • Grow your banjo song repertoire with all the classics and some modern hits
  • Find out how to arrange non-banjo songs for your banjo
  • Discover banjo solos, faster playing and bluegrass solos
  • Take the opportunity to perform live, record or write songs if you want to

Advanced Banjo Lessons London

  • Specially tailored, high-level banjo lessons to maximise your banjo potential
  • Play advanced level banjo solos, bluegrass licks and virtuoso banjo arrangements
  • Participate in our concerts, recordings, workshops as a confident banjo player
  • Enjoy a vast array of new, old and obscure that features banjo playing
  • Use your banjo abilities to discover the guitar, ukulele or mandolin
Banjo Lessons London - Bruce Music

Study Banjo And Mandolin Grade Exams

Study Banjo And Mandolin London - Bruce Music

For students who want to work towards a formal qualification in their mandolin or banjo lessons, our teachers can guide you through this process. If you want to study mandolin or banjo grades, we will ensure you learn all the necessary material and that you are thoroughly prepared for your exam. We’re expert in preparing students for mandolin or banjo exams with all the main exam boards offering these qualifications.At Bruce Music, we are extremely proud of our students’ 100% pass rate in grade exams in banjo, mandolin and all the instruments we teach.

For mandolin or banjo students seeking less formal progression routes, we’ve got you covered. Our fantastic London mandolin and banjo teachers will use their experience to teach you the skills needed to get into live performance, writing songs, recording your own music, forming/joining bands, singing, or anything else you aspire to.

Our mandolin and banjo teachers are here to help you make the most of your lessons.

Our London Mandolin And Banjo Teachers

London Mandolin And Banjo Teachers - Bruce Music

Here at Bruce Music, we are very selective about the mandolin and banjo teachers we employ, to ensure the high standards we are known for are maintained.We only hire qualified, experienced, expert musicians. We have several mandolin and banjo specialists in our team of teachers

All our London teachers offering mandolin or banjo lessons are:

  • Music graduates with a mandolin and/or banjo specialism
  • Friendly, experienced expert musicians
  • DBS checked
  • Working professional musicians – Studio recording, gigging, touring and writing
  • Friendly and personable in nature – Naturally warm and encouraging
London Mandolin And Banjo Teachers - Bruce Music

Mandolin & Banjo Lessons London – For All Ages

Mandolin and Banjo Lessons London - Bruce Music

At Bruce Music, our mandolin and banjo lessons London service is available to students of all ages and abilities. Absolute beginners don’t be shy!It is crucial to our ethos that our mandolin and banjo lessons are for everyone. We ensure we have the variety of teaching approaches needed to uphold this at all times.

We have taught mandolin and banjo in London to people aged between 5 and 80 years old. Our expert mandolin and banjo teachers tailor their lesson approach to suit the student. Our London mandolin and banjo lessons are for students of all ages and abilities.

We offer home visits as standard, or you can visit one of our mandolin or banjo teachers if you prefer.

Skype/Facetime Mandolin & Banjo Lessons Available

At Bruce Music we also give mandolin and banjo lessons on Skype, Facetime and other similar video calling functions. Here are some of the reasons students opt for Skype/Facetime mandolin or banjo lessons with us:

  • To make up for in-person lessons they’re unable to attend
  • If they move away from London but want to keep the mandolin / banjo teacher they know
  • Pre-exam or performance preparation, tests or motivational guidance
  • Wanting mandolin or banjo lessons with our excellent London teachers despite living elsewhere

Why Choose Bruce Music?

  • Expert, specialist mandolin or banjo lessons: Friendly, DBS checked, banjo teachers
  • All musical styles – Folk, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Irish, Trad Jazz and more!
  • Our banjo teachers travel to you across London – (or visit a teacher if preferred)
  • 100% student pass rate in all exams – Many more performing, writing and recording
  • High student satisfaction – Read our google reviews
mandolin or banjo lessons london

Arrange A Mandolin Or Banjo Lesson

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