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Guitar Lessons London.  At Bruce Music we provide Guitar lessons, Bass Guitar lessons and Ukulele lessons to students anywhere in Greater London. We also offer Guitar lessons throughout the surrounding counties, covering all of South East England.  Our London Guitar lessons are always highly engaging, well-structured and progressive.  At Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London we teach students of all ages, all abilities and any experience level. Our fantastic London Guitar teachers can cover all styles of Contemporary and Classical Music and provide you with tailored Guitar Lessons London

At Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London We have a relationship-led Ethos – Based on Enjoyment, Encouragement and Motivation.

Our London Guitar Teachers are expert, friendly music professionals. At Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London, we pride ourselves on only hiring the best, friendliest Guitar teachers in London. We are passionate about Guitar tuition and dedicated to offering you the highest quality Guitar Lessons London.

Absolute Beginners Don’t Be Shy! We provide Guitar Lessons in London for students of any level of ability and experience, including none!  Half the new students who come to us at Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London are brand new to Guitar. Our friendly, expert London Guitar Teachers are fantastic at getting absolute beginners started.  They’re also brilliant at helping intermediate or advanced Guitarists get out of a rut and up to the next level.  Experienced and qualified, our London Guitar teachers travel to you as standard, providing Guitar Lessons in your home, office, or other chosen location.  We have a couple of Guitar teachers in each London area, and each surrounding county, ensuring we can reach you wherever you are.

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Guitar Lessons London = £45 per hour visit.

45 minute guitar lessons (for young children) are £40.

30 minute guitar lessons (for very young children) are £30

Special Offers

Buy a block of 10 London Guitar lessons and receive an 11th lesson free

This special offer is open to all of our London Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Piano students at any time.

Guitar Lesson Details

At Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London, we provide:

Our Guitar Teachers provide the best balance between what you want to learn and what you need to know.

Guitar Lessons London – Locations

At Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London we provide Guitar Lessons at your home, workplace or other chosen location, for your convenience.  If you prefer, our London Guitar teachers can also host your Guitar lessons at their home, where they each have a dedicated Guitar teaching space – A suitable environment with all the necessary equipment.

Guitar Lessons London – For All Ages, All Abilities, All Styles

At Bruce Music:  Guitar Lessons London, our Guitar Lessons are provided to students from ages 3+, on any day of the week, at any time of day, to suit you.  Our fantastic Guitar Teachers are dedicated to working at your convenience.  Our Guitar Lessons in London are for all students, of any ability level, in any musical style.  So Absolute beginners don’t be shy!  At Bruce Music:  Guitar Lessons London, around 50% of our new students are absolute beginners.  Our Guitar teachers are experts and they’ll get you playing in no time!

Skype & Facetime Guitar Lessons

At Bruce Music:  Guitar Lessons London We also offer Skype and Facetime Guitar Lessons to students worldwide via the Skype and Facetime functions and other similar programs.  These Guitar lessons are priced at £40 per hour. The special offer of 11 guitar lessons for the price of 10 also applies to Skype and Facetime guitar lessons.

Guitar Lessons London – Any Other Questions?

Please have a look at our Guitar Lessons FAQ for the helpful answers to many common questions. For any other questions please feel free to get in touch to have a chat with Alex Bruce at any time.

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To make a booking or enquiry, or to discuss anything about your Guitar lessons in more detail, please contact Alex Bruce on 07749 918143 /, or fill in the contact form at the top of this page.

Our Guitar Teachers

Our fantastic London Guitar teachers are the core of Bruce Music. We’re a friendly community of active professional Guitarists, teachers and musicians, all highly experienced in all musical styles with Guitar students of all ages and abilities.

We hire only the best, most personable Guitar Teachers in London – Those who share our ethos and have excellent interpersonal skills. Guitar Teachers who display patience and understanding, and have a strong, clear Guitar teaching philosophy.

At Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London, our Guitar teachers are at the forefront of London’s thriving music scene, the heart of the U.K. music industry.  Our Guitar teachers are among the most in-demand teachers, session musicians and performers in London.  Our approach to Guitar tuition is to be understanding, adaptable and to give you the best possible Guitar Lessons London, whatever your level and whatever your goals.

Guitar Teacher profiles

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Guitar Teacher Of The Month


Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London Guitar Teacher of the month is Daniel.  Daniel is a Guitar teacher, session musician and performing artist with ten years industry experience.  In this time he has developed an innovative teaching practice and many long term Guitar students.

He has recorded as a session guitarist all over London, most notably at the iconic Abbey Road studios. Daniel’s reputation puts him in-demand as a performing Guitarist and therefore he’s played live with both established and emerging acts.  Some particular highlights have been Jake Bugg, These New Puritans and Natalie Duncan.

Daniel is also a proficient multi-instrumentalist.  As well as Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar and Electric Guitar, he has both teaching and performing experience on Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Harmonica and as a Vocalist.

In 2017, Daniel is filling his schedule with Guitar students across London and working as hard as ever on the Singer-Songwriter circuit.

For Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London, Daniel covers East and North London areas, from Leyton to Hackney, to Stoke Newington, Tottenham, Camden, Hampstead and Highgate.

To book a London Guitar lesson with Daniel, or any of our fantastic London Guitar Teachers get in touch now, via the contact form above, or contact Alex directly on 07749 918143 / 

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My son has been learning the guitar with Alex Bruce for about 2 years. Alex makes the lessons so much fun that he looks forward to his lesson each week! Alex has such patience and enthusiasm that the children love, so they always practice without reminding. Alex has taught my son many techniques so he is very confident in performing. His lessons are current and loads of fun.

Renu Williams


I’ve been having lessons with Alex for two years now and I’m incredibly happy with how things have gone. My playing and theory has come along massively, and he’s always focused on finding my goals and working to help me achieve them. Alex has also been super encouraging – he even attended my first gig to give support! And whenever I’ve been finding something hard, he’s always found a way to re-present at the right level of challenge.

I’ve really enjoyed my lessons and they’ve really grown my guitar skills. I’m planning to continue well into the future.
I’d absolutely recommend Bruce Music to anyone else who’s looking to learn.

Sebastian Wolf


Had a great time rediscovering the guitar with my teacher Alex. I’d played the guitar voraciously in my teens but stopped after a motorcycle accident. The accident left me without the full use of my left hand and partial hearing loss. After a tough few years I decided to get in touch with Bruce music to see if it was possible to play again. The lessons were fantastic! Despite only being able to use two fingers (and a thumb!) I can proudly proclaim that I’m a guitarist again! Not only has my love of music returned but my overall mood is better! Thanks Bruce Music!

Joe Roper


I have been working with Bruce Music for about 8 months and have gone from not being able to play a chord to playing songs I love. Alex is an excellent teacher with the right balance of patience and persistence to push my playing to higher and higher levels. In addition, Alex has a great attitude towards his students and is always willing to work around changes in schedule. Absolutely would recommend to an aspiring player.

David Raabe


Alexcellent! (sorry).
Anyway, guitar lessons here are very good and thoroughly enjoyable. I had given myself a 6-month ultimatum that I’d sell my guitar/amp/processor if I don’t see tangible improvements in my playing. Happy to report that was 7 months ago and I’m making far more progress than I did in the preceding 2 years noodling about on the guitar. Importantly, Alex has a great ability to break things down. His tips on learning difficult bits in songs and on practicing more effectively are proving very valuable for me. He’s also a great guy, communicates clearly and has a great attitude for an instructor. Highly recommend.

Vikram Subhedar


As a guitar beginner Alex found me a wonderful teacher, I have a good laugh whilst being taught with great progress. I took up the instrument late in life and wished I took it up a lot earlier but even at my age the speed of the progress has been worth while.
Thanks Bruce music

Graham L


Alex is a great teacher and very friendly. He’s really good at tailoring the classes to my needs, so I can get the most of it. Knows his craft really well and has flexible class schedules. I would definitely recommend him.

Francesc Donaire