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Clarinet lessons anywhere across London and the surrounding area.

Our London clarinet lessons are for all: Students of any age and ability.

Our Clarinet Lessons in London

clarinet lessons London - Bruce Music

We offer bespoke clarinet lessons, designed around your aims, abilities, and passions, anywhere in London. We offer home visit clarinet lessons as standard, though students who wish to visit us are equally welcome to do so.

The clarinet is a versatile, expressive instrument, featured in most musical genres – from Classical, to Chamber, to Jazz, Blues, Rock, Swing and more. The clarinet often plays solos in an orchestra, as well as being in the woodwind section.

The clarinet’s key role in ensemble and orchestral music mean a clarinetist is always in demand, and playing the instrument will create performance and social opportunities too.

Our expert clarinet teachers tailor their lesson approach to the musical tastes of each clarinet student, as well as opening the student up to a breadth of new music in their clarinet lessons.

Clarinet Lesson Content

Our clarinet lessons combine everything you need to know with everything you want to learn. Our fantastic clarinet teachers tailor your lessons around your specific enthusiasms and musical tastes.

Absolute beginners don’t be shy! We’re experienced with students who are brand new to the clarinet – or any instrument – and we know exactly how to get you playing and enjoying music.

In your clarinet lessons you will cover the essentials of posture and holding the clarinet, breathing techniques, and finger techniques, all geared towards starting to develop a repertoire of clarinet pieces and songs. This way, you develop technique and creative expression simultaneously, and become a good all-round musician.

We only take on clarinet teachers who fit our ethos – that patient, nurturing, engaging, friendly qualities are equally as important as musical and teaching ability. All our clarinet teachers are also DBS Checked for your safety and reassurance.

We provide home visit clarinet lessons anywhere across London. If you prefer to visit us, your nearest Bruce Music teacher can host your clarinet lessons at their location.

Beginners Clarinet Lessons London

  • The basics: Holding your clarinet, and your hand position
  • The core of clarinet technique – breathing, and finger placement
  • Enjoy playing your first clarinet pieces
  • Learn how to read music, and play with good rhythm
  • Take the first clarinet grade exams if you want to

Intermediate Clarinet Lessons London

  • Develop a beautiful repertoire of expressive clarinet pieces
  • Solidify your clarinet technique and ability
  • Enjoy performing, composing, or playing with other musicians
  • Develop your all-round musicianship with aural skills and music theory
  • Progress through the clarinet grade exams if you like

Advanced Clarinet Lessons London

  • Challenge yourself with virtuoso level clarinet pieces
  • Creatively reach the highest levels with our clarinet teachers’ expertise
  • Audition for ensembles, wind bands, and orchestras
  • Perform, compose, improvise, or study for a diploma
clarinet lessons in London

Studying Clarinet Grade Exams

clarinet classes London - Bruce Music

Bruce Music students have a 100% pass rate in all instrumental and vocal grade exams to date. This is something that gives us immense pride in our students’ talent and dedication, and is reassurance of our clarinet teachers’ methods.

Taking clarinet grade exams provides a structure, reward, and confidence, and is the ideal route for learners seeking a strong sense of structure, or ‘a path’.

We have a detailed understanding of the major exam boards’ criteria, and the content of their clarinet exams. With our trumpet teachers’ guidance, and your skill and perseverance, we know you’ll pass your clarinet exams!

It’s also vital to our ethos that we don’t fixate on exams at the expense of your overall musicianship, or enjoyment of your clarinet lessons, and music as a whole.

Our clarinet students pass the exams, but become creative, passionate musicians too. Sometimes this aspect is overlooked. Whether you take grades or not, our aims for your clarinet lessons remain the same – that you make progress, and enjoy playing music.

Our London Clarinet Teachers

For us at Bruce Music, a clarinet teacher’s patience, personality, and ability to encourage and inspire are as fundamental as their musical talent and teaching experience.

We only work with London’s most engaging and friendly clarinet teachers, all of whom are:

  • Music graduates – many earning first class honours, and an MA, PGCE, or PHD
  • Friendly and kind by nature, putting you at ease in your clarinet lessons
  • DBS checked for your reassurance and safety, and to meet our safeguarding standards
  • Dedicated to inspiring clarinet students of any age and ability
  • Expert at tailoring clarinet lessons to a student’s tastes.
clarinet teacher London - Bruce Music

Clarinet Lessons London – For Everyone

clarinet lessons in London with Bruce Music

At Bruce Music, our London clarinet lessons are for everyone – students of all ages, abilities, musical tastes, learning styles, and our clarinet lessons are available in all musical styles.

Our clarinet teachers help absolute beginners take their first steps, or prepare for the early grade exams. They help students working towards GCSE or A Level Music, they encourage intermediate clarinetists to reach the next level, and work with advanced clarinet students to help them break old habits or find renewed passion for music.

We offer clarinet lessons anywhere in London and the surrounding areas, and worldwide via our online lessons service. Our home visit clarinet lessons service means we can visit you at your convenience and chosen location. Any student preferring to visit their nearest Bruce Music clarinet teacher locally, is equally welcome to do so. We work to your preference and convenience.

Online Clarinet Lessons

Our complete online clarinet lessons service is open to students anywhere around the world. We run our online clarinet lessons on Zoom, Skype, or your preferred video calling program. Our online clarinet lessons are in demand for several reasons:

  • For students wishing to avoid in-person clarinet lessons due to COVID-19.
  • For students who move away London, but have built rapport with their clarinet teacher and wish to continue.
  • Online lessons work very well for exam, audition, or performance dress rehearsals.
  • For students anywhere in the world preferring online lessons for convenience, or any other reason.

Why Choose Bruce Music?

  • The best clarinet lessons in London, with talented, nurturing DBS-checked clarinet teachers
  • We offer home visit clarinet lessons for your ease
  • Our 100% pass rate in grade exams – with many distinctions and merits
  • We’re a happy, friendly specialist team – run by Alex – not a faceless agency
  • Our happy students – see below:


Great professional service, our teacher is very accommodating to our requests and is always prompt and provides us with a fun relaxing lesson.

Kritan Ramanah


Professional service from talented teachers. Recommended.

Paul Cunliffe


I’d highly recommend Bruce Music to anyone who wants to pick up music lessons. I initially emailed them asking about getting guitar lessons, and they responded the same day. I have weekly lessons with Daniel Armstrong and am thoroughly enjoying them.

As a beginner it can be daunting to learn a new skill, but Daniel is a very patient and personable teacher. The lessons are very convenient as I have the teacher come to my house, and each week I feel more capable than the week before. Overall I’m incredibly happy, so thank you!

Melissa Pearce


I’ve been having lessons for about a year and it’s been brilliant. I was a self-taught Guitarist for a few years and I’ve always sung as well anyway. When I started having lessons I made a really big leap up in both those things. I’m now starting to play open mic nights around London, which has always been an ambition, so I’m really happy with that and I highly recommend Bruce Music.

Joe Whitehead


Brilliant. Good communication and even better service. Always a pleasure to deal with Alex and met some great new people along the way. Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced players looking to extend their musical knowledge and skills. Thanks guys!



My son has been learning Guitar for a couple of years now. He moved on from electric guitar to classical, and his new teacher helped in developing interest in Classical guitar. My son has now wanted to continue with Classical guitar after gaining a Merit in Trinity Grade 1 and I must compliment the patience and attention from the Tutor (Daniel) in this achievement. He teaches in an easy-going manner while explaining practical skills and music theory. I would highly recommend Bruce Music.

Arunima Saha


I have been taught by Alex for 2-3 months now, and I have improved a lot, as his lessons are very productive and you learn a lot from it.

Murilo Ferrari


Alex is a fantastic guitar teacher. I’ve been having lessons almost every week for two years and my ability has improved drastically. He teaches with a friendly, easy-going manner, with a good balance between practical skills and music theory.

Have already recommended to other friends. Would definitely recommend again.

Andy Mills


I’ve been taking guitar lessons from Bruce Music for a few months now, and am quite excited about how it’s gone so far – from knowing nothing about how to play the guitar, I was singing and playing to my first numbers within 3-4 lessons!! Being a work professional, I love the fact that Bruce Music is flexible on scheduling lessons – which allows me to continue with them. Teaching style is completely tailored to my individual needs as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. Brilliant so far!

Ayan Banerjee


Alex is a fantastic teacher. I’m not always the best student but he’s always amazingly patient and I learn a lot.

Kate Mansfield


I am an absolute beginner & was very nervous but Alex put me at ease. He is so patient & explains everything so I could understand. Very impressed would recommend him to anyone.

Caroline Pulman


I’ve been really impressed with Bruce Music. Alex’s service and correspondence is always quick and personal. Their teacher Daniel has been teaching my son for about a year. My son enjoys playing and practicing and has even started a band. It’s great to see him enjoying music. Would definitely recommend.

Jane Metcalfe


Very pleased with the teaching and service.
I looked online for a company to teach my 15-year-old son guitar lessons. I chose this company because they were located nearby. They answered my query company immediately. They have been on time for every lesson and come to the home. We have done about 8 lessons thus far – on a weekly basis – 1 hour each. I believe that they do also provide lessons for other areas of London. My son has improved tremendously so far and is loving his lessons. The teacher – Alex – is perfectly suited to his personality and pays a lot of attention to what my son is interested in learning. I cannot recommend this company highly enough!!!

S E Wright


An excellent guitar teacher. Made it super easy for me to learn and play the guitar, and I had no experience what so ever. Highly recommended.

Udi Klein


Bruce Music offering is great. Alex in particular is an excellent teacher, I’ve made progress very quickly starting from absolute scratch and enjoy every class. In addition he is quite flexible with timings/booking slots, which helps a lot for people that have a busy schedule. I wholeheartedly recommend his service

Alessandro Vaturi


I have had many lessons with Alex and it has been really great from the beginning. He is a perfect teacher and I have improved a lot despite having played for years before those lessons. He is patient and really dedicated, so when I left London, I decided to keep having sessions with him on Skype. A great teacher!

Loic Maitre


I have been using the services of Bruce music for a couple of years now. The quality of teaching has far exceeded that of previous guitar teachers that I have used, and as such my guitar playing has improved significantly. I can highly recommend Bruce music as they provide a personal and professional service as a music tuition agency.

Stephen Reynolds


Where do I start… my 5 (yes 5, now 6) year old daughter was obsessed with playing the guitar and I looked into lessons with great trepidation. Was it way too ambitious? Would it be a waste of money? Would a 5 year old really get anything out of lessons and engage? I talked to Alex at Bruce music and he said it was certainly possible and that I should give it a go. I have been truly stunned and amazed. Thanks to Luke, her incredible tutor; she not only enjoys every single minute of her lesson with him, she has learned so much too. She’s learning to read music and is now strong enough to play some cords now and some little tunes. We will continue to sign up again and again – the best extra curricular class I have ever signed her up for without a doubt. Would recommend without hesitation.

Jackie Boot


Alex is an incredible teacher. I’ve learned so much from him. He has vast knowledge of music and an ability to teach that is invaluable! He is full of enthusiasm, knowledge and has a great deal of experience. These lessons are one of the highlights of my week 🙂

Anna Williams


Alex is a great teacher and very friendly. He’s really good at tailoring the classes to my needs, so I can get the most of it. Knows his craft really well and has flexible class schedules. I would definitely recommend him.

Francesc Donaire


As a guitar beginner Alex found me a wonderful teacher, I have a good laugh whilst being taught with great progress. I took up the instrument late in life and wished I took it up a lot earlier but even at my age the speed of the progress has been worth while.
Thanks Bruce music

Graham L


Alexcellent! (sorry).
Anyway, guitar lessons here are very good and thoroughly enjoyable. I had given myself a 6-month ultimatum that I’d sell my guitar/amp/processor if I don’t see tangible improvements in my playing. Happy to report that was 7 months ago and I’m making far more progress than I did in the preceding 2 years noodling about on the guitar. Importantly, Alex has a great ability to break things down. His tips on learning difficult bits in songs and on practicing more effectively are proving very valuable for me. He’s also a great guy, communicates clearly and has a great attitude for an instructor. Highly recommend.

Vikram Subhedar


I have been working with Bruce Music for about 8 months and have gone from not being able to play a chord to playing songs I love. Alex is an excellent teacher with the right balance of patience and persistence to push my playing to higher and higher levels. In addition, Alex has a great attitude towards his students and is always willing to work around changes in schedule. Absolutely would recommend to an aspiring player.

David Raabe


I’ve been having lessons with Alex for two years now and I’m incredibly happy with how things have gone. My playing and theory has come along massively, and he’s always focused on finding my goals and working to help me achieve them. Alex has also been super encouraging – he even attended my first gig to give support! And whenever I’ve been finding something hard, he’s always found a way to re-present at the right level of challenge.

I’ve really enjoyed my lessons and they’ve really grown my guitar skills. I’m planning to continue well into the future.
I’d absolutely recommend Bruce Music to anyone else who’s looking to learn.

Sebastian Wolf


My son has been learning the guitar with Alex Bruce for about 2 years. Alex makes the lessons so much fun that he looks forward to his lesson each week! Alex has such patience and enthusiasm that the children love, so they always practice without reminding. Alex has taught my son many techniques so he is very confident in performing. His lessons are current and loads of fun.

Renu Williams

To find out more about Bruce Music, our history, origins and ethos, read about Bruce Music

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