Rocksmith – Why Do You Still Need A Real Guitar Teacher?

Rocksmith and Guitar Hero.  Both great fun, both help with your development as a guitarist (to differing extents)!  So why do you still need a real Guitar teacher, giving you real lessons in person?

Well, some aspects of Guitar-based computer games are bang on the money.  But others are about as close to real-life playing and performing as FIFA ’14 is to actually playing in a World Cup final.  Ultimately you’re limited by what has been pre-programmed into the system, and you’re developing within systems of Artificial Intelligence, not real life, with feedback from a real person.

Passing the ball to a team-mate on FIFA may well be very simple, but what button do you press when you’re walking down the tunnel at half-time and want to pick up the football and bounce it alongside you like a basketball?

I don’t discourage at all the use of computer games, it’s great that something like Rocksmith has come along, a Guitar game based more on skill and reality than Guitar Hero (which it has to be said is also brilliant fun!)  But ultimately it works on frequencies sent down wires.  It can’t “see” you, or your posture, or how you hold your pick, or what pedals you’re using when.  Nor can it understand you as a personality, or stop you from trying to advance too soon, or resting on laurels.  It can’t spot bad habits, or tailor anything to you.  Nor can it really pass on any genuine wisdom, it can only test you on its own pre-determined means of all-purpose technique.  Thus the length of time it keeps you engaged is probably about the same as any other computer game.