What Guitar To Buy

For beginners we highly recommend buying a ‘starter pack‘.

A starter pack typically includes a Guitar and all the accessories you’ll need. It’s a great way to ensure you have everything you’ll need to begin your Guitar lessons. It’s also cheaper and more convenient to buy a starter pack than to buy everything separately.

Unfortunately, very low budget Guitars for beginners are often of very poor quality, will not stay in tune, and make learning to play almost impossible. Luckily, you have the benefit of our experience! All the Guitars on the list below are fantastic options for beginners – Solid, reliable models that stay in tune, and are easy to play.

Of course, many other Guitars out there do the same, our list is merely the best deals in terms of accessories included and some of our favourite beginners’ Guitars. If you have other Guitars in mind and you’re uncertain of what to buy, contact us and we’ll happily advise you.

Full Size Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F310 – £119

This is a bargain of a starter pack. The Guitar’s a fantastic Guitar for beginners and it includes just about every accessory you could ever envisage needing. A really great option.


3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Ashton SPF G48 – £109

This Guitar is a slimline, 3/4 size Acoustic Guitar perfect for Children under 10. A really solid option that won’t need upgrading for a few years. Comes with all the essential accessories


Full Size Classical Guitar

Fender FC-100 – £127

A great quality Guitar for any beginner in Classical Guitar Lessons. Made by the long-established Fender, this starter pack contains gig bag, spare strings, picks (plectrums) and a tuner.


3/4 Size Classical Guitar

Valencia 3/4 – £74.95

A 3/4 size Guitar from a new range of entry level Classical Guitars that has received 5* reviews in a number of publications. The focus in the build is in great sound at a great price, unlike many Guitars in a similar price range. Pack also contains gig-bag, footstool, pitch pipe and string winder.


1/2 Size Guitar

For Children 6 and under:

Encore ENC12 – £54.99

The best 1/2 size Guitar starter pack around. The size makes it so much easier for very young children to get to grips with the basics in their Guitar lessons. The starter pack contains the basic accessories to get budding young Guitarists started.


Full Size Electric Guitar

Squier Stratocaster – £149

We strongly recommend this “strat” to anybody buying their first Electric Guitar. It’s a top quality Guitar for beginners. Made by Fender, Squier models are reliable, standardised and produce a great sound. With small amplifier, cable, tuner, stand, strap and case included, this is an amazing deal.


3/4 Size Electric Guitar

Gear4Music 3/4 LA – £99

A great choice for any Children under 10 beginning Electric Guitar lessons. The smaller size makes it much easier for youngsters to play, and with amplifier, cable and all the other essential accessories included, this Guitar’s a great buy at £99.


Full Size Bass Guitar

Gear4Music LA Bass – £125

One of the best Bass Guitars around in this price range. The Gear4Music LA range is known for its ease of play, and basic but reliable quality. We recommend this Bass for anyone looking to take Bass Guitar Lessons. Comes with amp, cable, spare strings and a gig bag.


3/4 Size Bass Guitar

Gear4Music LA 3/4 Bass – £109.99

The 3/4 size version of the full size Bass above. It’s exactly the same in terms of quality, reliability and accessories included, it’s just a bit smaller!



Tanglewood TU6 – £26.96

There are some very poor Ukuleles around at about the £20 mark. For the extra £7, this Ukulele won’t need upgrading for a good couple of years. Tanglewood bring their usual reliability to the Uke with this model. Comes with a gig bag. Well worth the price.