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Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park

Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park N4 With Bruce Music

Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park With Bruce Music Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park.  Here at Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London we provide Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Piano lessons to students right across Greater London and the surrounding areas. In our London Guitar Lessons blog series, we look at a different part of London and discuss the Guitar Lessons  we offer in that… View Article

Guitar Lessons West Hampstead

Guitar Lessons West Hampstead  Here at Bruce Music: Guitar Lessons London, we provide Guitar lessons in West Hampstead. Our fantastic guitar teachers offer guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, ukulele lessons and mandolin/banjo lessons anywhere in West Hampstead, NW6, and the surrounding North West London areas. Not in the West Hampstead area? Don’t worry, our guitar… View Article

Guitar Lessons Baker Street

Guitar Lessons Baker Street NW1 With Bruce Music

Guitar Lessons Baker Street NW1 With Bruce Music Guitar Lessons Baker Street NW1.  Here At Bruce Music we offer Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons and Ukulele Lessons anywhere across London and the surrounding counties. (We also provide Piano Lessons London.) In this series of blog posts we look at our Guitar Lessons service in individual London… View Article

Guitar Beginners’ FAQ Part 1: Electric or Acoustic?

Hi everyone, Here’s the first part in our new blog series which will answer many frequently asked questions from beginners, or “pre-beginners” – i.e. people who are thinking about starting to play the Guitar. For FAQ specific to our Guitar lessons please visit our Guitar Lesson FAQ. Ok, here goes: QUESTION –  “Should I Learn… View Article

Guitar Themed TBT Part One

Here’s part one in a two-part TBT (Throwback Thursday) mini series.  Over the next 2 weeks we’ll bring you some classic live Guitar-centred performances from the last 60 years.  This week begins with 1959, 1969 and 1979.  Next week = 1989, 1999 and 2009. 1) 1959 – The Drifters/Shadows Live at Saturday Club 2) 1969… View Article

Lead Guitar Improvisation – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Bruce Music‘s mini series on improvisation.  (Click here for part 1) Today’s topic is Improvisation Exercises.  The exercises are designed to stop you getting stuck in a rut with your playing.  (Or help you out of a rut you’re already in!)  They’re also good for general practice, and you should… View Article