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Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park N4 With Bruce Music

Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park With Bruce Music

Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park.  Here at Bruce MusicGuitar Lessons London we provide Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Piano lessons to students right across Greater London and the surrounding areas.

In our London Guitar Lessons blog series, we look at a different part of London and discuss the Guitar Lessons  we offer in that area in each post.  We’ll also take a look at the area’s Music history in articles, photographs and videos.  Following our recent post on our Guitar Lessons Angel Islington N1 we’re continuing through North London to Finsbury Park, N4.

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Music And Finsbury Park

Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park

The Finsbury Park Astoria in 1936

The Rainbow Theatre (Formerly and famously The Astoria Theatre) was built as a cinema in 1930.  Between 1960 and 1980 it was a notable music venue – The first place Jimi Hendrix set fire to a guitar on stage,  the venue for Queen’s release “Live At The Rainbow”, the location of The Beach Boys’ “Live In London” album, and a host for all the biggest artists of the time, including Bob Marley, Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, The Who, Eric Clapton and many many more.

This history of the Rainbow Theatre is extremely detailed and provides info on every act ever to play there.

Following a brief stint as a boxing venue in the 1980’s and some time lying empty, the building was bought in 1995 by a religious group and is now used as a church.

The main Live Music venue in the area is now, therefore, the park after which the area is named, Finsbury Park.

Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park

The park has in recent years, famously played host to huge Summer concerts by The Arctic Monkeys and The Stone Roses.  But here are some highlights from a little longer ago – Rage Against The Machine in 2010, and Oasis in 2002.

Guitar Lessons Finsbury Park

There are 3 of our expert, friendly London Guitar Teachers who are available to travel to you in Finsbury Park, N4.  This includes the nearby areas too:  Haringey, Holloway, Islington, Highbury and Camden.  We travel to your home, workplace, or any chosen location, any time, any day, including evenings and weekends as standard.   These 3 local Guitar teachers are Daniel, Daniel and Daniel – Seriously!  We happen to have 4 different Daniels working for us – It must be a Guitarist’s name!  Luckily, one is a Classical Guitar specialist, one is an Acoustic Guitar specialist, and one is an Electric Guitar specialist.  Check out all of our Daniels (and all our non Daniels too) via these links:

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We are extremely professional, highly experienced, and friendly, motivational Guitar Teachers.  At Bruce Music our progressive Guitar teaching methods and our excellent customer service set us apart.  We provide the highest quality Guitar Lessons London – To book, enquire, or discuss anything at all about your Guitar Lessons – please get in touch now.


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