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Music Theory Part 1 – Notes, Tones And Semitones.

Welcome to the first blog in our series on Music Theory! Before we can get into chords, keys, scales and modes, we need to understand the very basic components – Notes, and the distances, or “intervals” between them. 1) There are 12 notes in music. They are:    C     C#/Db     D… View Article

Technology And Guitarists Part 2 – YouTube

Following on from last week’s blog about using technology to your advantage as a guitarist, now I want to talk to you about YouTube. If you can manage to navigate around the distraction of cats making cocktails and a Japanese football team’s physiotherapist scoring from the car park, there’s about 5 lifetimes’ worth of Guitar… View Article

Using Technology To Your Guitar-playing Advantage

I’m going to tell you about a few ways to practice, progress, and be creative by recording yourself play Firstly, “Recording” here means just about anything – whether it’s recording software, a loop pedal, your phone’s voice record function, or a dodgy old relative’s dodgy old twin cassette deck.  Anything 1) Testing Out A Multi-Part… View Article