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Lead Guitar Improvisation – Part 1

This is the first in a mini-series of posts about improvisation for lead Guitar. Today the issue is improvising over a song containing vocals and how to make your playing work.  Whether this is practising over a recorded song, or in a live band situation, the ideas concerned are exactly the same. Essentially, the art… View Article

3 Tips on playing and singing at the same time

Tip 1:  Learn the guitar part inside-out You need to know the guitar part of the song you’re trying to play and sing like the back of your hand.  The sooner that playing that song becomes second nature, the sooner you can focus on incorporating your singing. Just like the driver of a car being… View Article

Slide Guitar : Getting Started

If you’re new to slide guitar playing, you’ll probably notice 3 basic obstacles.  Below I’ll give you the 3 corresponding solutions, to help you get started with slide guitar playing. 1 – “When I play it doesn’t sound like slide guitar, it just sounds like poor playing” The key to slide guitar playing, and the… View Article