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Guitar Lessons London with Bruce Music.  We provide Guitar lessons, Bass Guitar lessons and Ukulele lessons to students anywhere in Greater London and the surrounding counties.  Our London Guitar lessons are engaging, well-structured and progressive.  We teach all students of any age, any ability/experience level and in all Musical styles.

We have a relationship-led ethos – based on enjoyment, encouragement and motivation.

Our fantastic London Guitar Teachers are expert, friendly professional musicians.  At Bruce Music London, we pride ourselves on hiring only the very best and most personable London Guitar teachers. We’re passionate about providing guitar lessons and dedicated to offering you the highest quality Guitar Lessons London.

We offer London Guitar Lessons for students of all ability and experience levels.  Absolute Beginners don’t be shy!  Our experienced London Guitar teachers travel to you, to provide Guitar Lessons in your home, your office, or other chosen location.  We cover anywhere in Greater London and the surrounding counties, with a couple of Guitar teachers in each area, ensuring we can reach you wherever you are.

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Guitar Lessons London = £40 per hour.

45 minute guitar lessons (for young children) are priced at £35.

30 minute guitar lessons (for very young children) are priced at £25

Special Offers

Buy a block of 10 London Guitar lessons and receive an 11th lesson free

This special offer is available to all of our London Guitar, Bass and Ukulele students at any time.

Guitar Lesson Details

At Bruce Music London, we provide:

Our unique approach is to provide the best balance between what you want to learn and what you need to know.

Guitar Lessons London – Locations

Our London Guitar Lessons are offered at your home, workplace or other chosen location, for your convenience.  If you prefer, Guitar lessons can alternatively be held at your Guitar teacher’s home, where they have a dedicated home Guitar teaching space – A relaxing environment with all the necessary equipment.

Guitar Lessons London – For All Ages, All Abilities, All Styles

At Bruce Music:  Guitar Lessons London, our Guitar Lessons are provided to students from ages 3+, on any day of the week, at any time of day.  We have an excellent roster of expert Guitar Teachers who are dedicated to working at your convenience.  Our Guitar Lessons in London are for all students, of any ability level, in any musical style.  Absolute beginners don’t be shy!  At Bruce Music:  Guitar Lessons London, around 50% of our new students are absolute beginners.  Our Guitar teachers are experts and they’ll get you playing in no time!

Skype & Facetime Guitar Lessons

At Bruce Music:  Guitar Lessons London We also offer Skype and Facetime Guitar Lessons to students worldwide via the Skype and Facetime functions and other similar programs.  These Guitar lessons are priced at £35 per hour. Read more on our Skype and Facetime Guitar Lessons and their many benefits.  The special offer of 11 guitar lessons for the price of 10 does also apply to our Skype and Facetime guitar lessons.

Guitar Lessons London – Any Other Questions?

Please have a look at our Guitar Lessons London FAQ for the helpful answers to many common questions. For any other questions you may have, please feel free to get in touch to have a chat with Alex at any time.

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To make a booking or enquiry, or to discuss anything about your Guitar lessons in more detail, please contact Alex on 07749 918143 /, or fill in the contact form at the top of this page.

Our Guitar Teachers

Our fantastic London Guitar teachers are the core and the heart of our company. We are a friendly community of active Guitar teachers and musicians, who are all highly experienced with students of all ages, all styles and all skill levels.

We only hire the best and most personable Guitar teachers in London – Those who share our ethos and have excellent interpersonal skills, display patience and understanding, and have a strong, clear Guitar teaching philosophy.

At Bruce Music, our Guitar teachers are at the forefront of London’s thriving music scene, the buzzing centre of the U.K. music industry.  Our Guitar teachers are among the most in-demand musicians and teachers in London and are highly respected and sought after in the city’s session musician and performance circles. We are understanding, adaptable and can give you the best possible Guitar Lessons London, whatever your level and whatever your goals.

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Guitar Teacher Of The Month


Guitar Lessons London

This month’s featured London Guitar Teacher is Daniel.  Daniel is a Guitar teacher, session musician and performing artist with ten years in the industry.  In this time he has developed an innovative teaching practice, drawing on his vast knowledge and experience.

He has recorded as a session guitarist at London’s iconic Abbey Road studios and has played live with both established and emerging acts, such as Jake BuggThese New Puritans and Natalie Duncan.

Daniel’s also a proficient multi-instrumentalist, with experience as both teacher and performer on Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Harmonica and as a Vocalist too.

In 2016, Daniel is filling up his schedule with students across London and working hard on the circuit as a Singer-Songwriter.

For Bruce Music, Daniel covers East and North London areas, including Hackney, Stoke Newington, Tottenham, Highgate and Hampstead.

To book a Guitar lesson in London with Daniel, or any of our other fantastic London Guitar Teachers get in touch now via the contact form above, or contact Alex directly on 07749 918143 /